Sinergia SDOF air filter: for the quality you really need

CASE STUDY: Hollow glass manufacturing industry

Sinergia’s flanged filters

Sinergia flanged filters SDOF (Sinergia Dust/Oil Filters) are suitable for almost any application, in every industrial sector.
Their robust and compact design is used for high flow compressed air application. SDOF filters are heavy-duty filters that can succeed in variable operating conditions with different temperatures and in highly contaminated environments.


The glass industry is a typical case where the compressed air consumption is considerable.
Recently we’ve gotten the chance to supply some SDOF filters to an important Italian glass manufacturer.
Our multi-cartridge filter housings conform to different conditions concerning changeable air flows and operating pressures. The same filter model can be used in separate production lines.

Our filters had to be mounted in the initial section of our customer manufacturing plant. We select our SDOF 5.0 models in order to filter a target air flow of 2000 up to 3000 Nm³, at 3-5 barg operating pressure.
We also consider that the operating temperature can reach 50°C or even more.
The compressor room is composed by oil-free machines, for this reason the main customer need was to hold and remove residual solid particles from a constant air flow.

Our compressed air filters are used for the cleaning of air during the molten glass shaping stage.
Glowing warm glass drops are cut off, led into a gutter and fed into a pre-mould. In the final mould, compressed air gives the glass container its final shape.
At this point the compressed air has to be extremely clean in order to avoid the rejecting of some products. The quality control system used by our customer is consistent and strict.
This being so, our SDOF filters will manage to reduce the number of scraps and resulting waste of money and production time. Last but not least the quality of products will take advantage of this.

We select our SDOF 5.0 models, along with three high performance cartridges, which deliver exceptional results in particle retention, with particle removal down to 1 micron (for this application). Our filters ensure continually low operational costs thanks to our selected filter elements, with wide filtering surface. The filter media in borosilicate galss fiber is wrapped around an high-quality stainless steel cylinder that ensure an extreme strength and reliability. These features are essential when air flow and line velocity can be variable during the operation.

These SDOF filters are designed with a specific and service friendly cartridges basket. Element change out during the maintenance activities will be easier and safer for the operator.
On the front side, a differential pressure indicator has been mounted. This accessory will give an evidence to the operators on when it will be necessary to depressurize the filter housing and change the elements inside. This indication avoids reaching a too high-pressure loss (e.g. > 0,5 bar) resulting from soiled cartridges that can’t perform properly any longer. Solid impurities will not be held, and the outgoing air won’t be in line with the required standards of purity. This is a scenario that can be excluded with the right differential pressure indicator mounted on the filter housing.

Here below some brief points to sum up SDOF filters key features:

  • Carbon steel housing ensure a long operating lifetime, close to 15-20 years. The only service activities and costs concern the elements substitution.
    Sinergia SDOF filters can be painted accordingly to every customer specification.
  • Improved filtrating media ensures the maximum filter elements efficiency and durability, at least 6 months of operation with reduced pressure loss (<0,4 bar).
    Required compressed air quality according to standard ISO 8573-1: 2010 is achieved with 5 different filtration grades from 25 down to 0,01 micron for particle removal.
    In presence of oil-injected air compressor our cartridges can filter oil aerosol.
  • The high-performance needle-felt drainage layer will prevent oil carry over.
    Lastly our SDOF filters can be also supplied with activated carbon element.
  • Our standard accessories (differential pressure gauge, condensate drain, etc.) help to improve the filtration performance in its entirety and the maintenance activities.
    Optional fixing legs are available upon request.
    This is a possibility to fix them better on the floor or compressor skids.


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