Company Profile

Born in a green valley, grown up in favourable ambient, aiming to challenge the international market

Our location
marks our company

Sinergia was established in the middle of the most highly concentrated industrial district of all Europe. This strategic position, matched with the traditional existence of technical Universities, historically enabled the Company to grow up by selecting the competencies and skills for reaching the best engineering and manufacturing practices.

The additional local presence of numbers of premium international brands sub-suppliers has contributed to give a solid and high-quality mark to all Sinergia’s production.

Our people mark our company

Sinergia people have a strong sense of belonging to the Company, testified by a very low personnel turnover.

The Company organization has improved in number and in skills together with the need to be responsive to the most demanding expectation of our customers. All aspects of the activity from the commercial phase to the after-sale service are covered by specialized and professional teams.

Sinergia Government:
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Our story
marks our company

Sinergia was established in 1996, in a green highland surrounded by mountains, where it grew up quickly, thanks to a devoted team of people having specialized capabilities, by spreading its activity in nearby existing buildings. Due to the urgency of optimizing the logistic efficiency of the productive process and the need of concentrating all the activities, Sinergia has recently moved closer to Bergamo, where the vicinity to highways and airports has enhanced further the connection to the international markets.


Over the years Sinergia has reached the outstanding capacity to design and manufacture single equipment such as air compressors, air dryers, heat exchangers, nitrogen generators in many configurations and under different codes of construction and to combine them in turn-key integrated systems, able to generate plant air, instrument air, gaseous and liquid nitrogen and oxygen.


In its relatively short existence, Sinergia has already gained a very good reputation in the International market of the O&G industry. This is considered to be a starting point for confirming our commitment to become a worldwide reference of excellence for the culture of compressed air and technical gases generation, in other industrial sectors such as Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy and Steel too. In recent years, Sinergia has invested in improving productive capacity and in implementing maximum flexibility in all internal phases of the productive process, thanks also to the introduction of automated equipment.


Our flexibility makes it possible to supply products having a highly customized profile, complying at maximum extent with the toughest specifications and the most extreme operating conditions. Our mission is, and will always be, to give the maximum satisfaction to our Customers.

Our capabilities drive our success

Over the years, Sinergia has been increasing either its know-how and its practical skills. The main target, driving this constant evolution, has been the maximization of in-house activities , allowing Sinergia to gain the flexibility needed to please easily and quickly any requirement of the customer, and to provide the right solution for any possible scenario.


Sinergia today can engineer, manufacture, test, and certificate its own products, and keep on taking care of them during their life-cycle through regular maintenance programs. Engineering activities are developed from process to automation, from mechanical design and calculation to 3D modelling software, such as Autodesk Plant 3D, Advance Steel, and Navisworks, beside the following offices: quality, inspection, planning, procurement, project management and service.


The productive chain developed under same philosophy and ambition, through different departments: Warehouse, 5 axis Laser Cutting, Welding, Non-Destructive Test, Surface Treatment (painting and sand-blasting), Electrical and Mechanical Assembling, Final testing and Logistic.

The use of the most advanced management and digital tools from SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Software and VAULT Data Management System, to simpler but effective bar-code traceability of every single manufacturing piece that enters the production activities.


Sinergia mentality is future-oriented, and wants to be part of the change, looking hard to new technologies and field of applications, renewable energy and green industry oriented.
Sinergia Research & Development office drives actively to this direction, with the external contribution of Universities and Technical Institutes. LCA software (Life Cycle Assessment), to evaluate the environmental impact of different products is one of the results.


The world is running fast. Sinergia people will do everything to keep the pace, and to stay one step beyond the competition.