Adipec 2022 the best is yet to come!

A few days after the doors of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center closed, we begin to take stock.

ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference saw us, once again, as an active part of the largest fair in the sector. Thanks also for the great Teamwork!
We are more than satisfied with the turnout inside our booth and the interest shown in new technologies.

The market is moving which is why there is a strong desire for a better future in talking about hydrogen, gas-lift with on-site generated nitrogen, and supply of turn-key plants from a single source, looking for efficiency and optimization.

It was very stimulating and rewarding to explain our motto face to face and with a few looks at our plants. Surely, the ability to view it directly in 3D format has aroused a lot of interest and curiosity. Our collaborators, trained technically in addition to commercially, have been able to satisfy any doubt or specific request.

“Long standing competence at the service of new green technologies”

In the many meetings, we shared ideas, skills and an in-house approach to continue spreading sustainable-technical know-how. We can say that it was an ADIPEC full of qualitative contacts, who, like many other people, decided to put our stand on the map.

One of the most immediate goals was to begin, and in some cases, conclude a qualification process towards the major world end users. This process, created in the past, will be a bridge to the future, increasingly renewable.

Now, it’s time to meet the demands of the new quality contacts and strengthen the old partnerships even more.
Who came to visit us.

See you the next year!