Sinergia among the 100 most sustainable companies by Forbes Italia

We are proud to announce that Sinergia got selected within the best 100 Companies chosen by Forbes Italia, for its Sustainability award! The excellence ranking was prepared by Credit Suisse and Kon Group, through the Esg rating by ALTIS Università Cattolica and RepRisk.

There are the most beautiful names of the Italian company not only family, but also companies known only by professionals in a specific sector, among the 100 excellent Italian companies that have fully entered the ranking of sustainable companies drawn up by Credit Suisse and Kon Group.
All with ESG ratings issued by Altis Università Cattolica and Reprisk.

Kon Group, a leading Italian operator in business and financial consultancy for companies, the first independent national operator in M&A with renowned institutional partners, and Credit Suisse, one of the world’s leading banks that has been promoting sustainable investments for years and that plays a key role in supporting entrepreneurs to find new solutions for major social and environmental problems, they wanted to donate two assets to the Italian business system: greater awareness of the sustainability of businesses by measuring, with the ESG rating, the results achieved and the areas for improvement to be implemented and great visibility thanks to the partnership with Forbes Italia which will be given continuity through the investments of the organizers in a business community dedicated to the Sustainability Award where it will be possible to access exclusive content and meetings with other participants. An exclusive club, in short, which serves to continuously stimulate improvement in sustainability and the rapid achievement of ever higher levels of ESG ratings with consequent positive impacts on the whole community.

It was not easy to identify the 100 excellent companies of Italian Sustainability: the rigorous criteria with which the rating was assigned by Altis and the cross-checking of the results through the Reprisk rating, allowed the organizers of this first edition to select the companies that have most distinguished themselves and have often worked for years for sustainable production. Among the elements that were relevant for the purposes of the rating, the propensity for innovation in governance and social media was particularly detailed.

In a nutshell, in the rating method developed by Altis, each element was assessed through the consideration of several dimensions:

  • Essential: The dimensions without whose presence it is difficult to declare that a company is sustainable
  • Basic: The dimensions that contribute to making a company sustainable.
  • Advanced: The dimensions that identify excellence in sustainability in a specific Esg area.

This approach has led to the emergence of significant evidence in both a positive and negative sense. In fact, some companies have received significant penalties due to the lack of minimum requirements, often concentrated in the governance area but sometimes also in the environmental one. Thanks to the rigorous application of these criteria to the self-assessment questionnaires, 200 companies were selected from among the 350 eligible candidates to be interviewed and among these 100 samples.

The organizers have undertaken to personally deliver the ESG rating reports to all participants and will organize one-to-one meetings with each one in the coming months to investigate the elements for improvement with respect to the current situation and prepare, also thanks to the community, the road to the second edition which, in addition to the current participants, wants to further expand the audience of sustainable companies to which to offer this great opportunity for visibility.

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