A step forward: Cryogenic plants for Nitrogen & Oxygen

We are proud to announce the award of our second cryogenic plant in just two years!

Sinergia has always wanted to support the customer with a full portfolio for Nitrogen and Oxygen generation. We are proud to announce the award of our second cryogenic plant in two years. This time by Hyundai Engineering & Construction.
It is a great achievement of credibility and the best reward to all Sinergia hard work and dedication to this goal. 

We are eager to offer our small/medium-sized cryogenic plants engineered on the capacity and purity of GOX/ LOX and GAN / LIN that you really need.
Our customers can count on a tailored-made approach, maximizing the system efficiency, and with full support along the entire process.

The 3D model shows Sinergia first complete plant, currently under construction for Iraq installation. 

Sinergia is taking care of every aspect, operating as a small EPC:
  Full engineering (civil included) 
✔️  Civil construction (fences, roads, platform, foundations, building of control room)

Supply of all equipment:
✔️  Air compressors
✔️  Air purification units
✔️  Chiller units
✔️  Main heat exchanger
✔️  Cold box (distillation column and expander)
✔️  LIN storage tank
✔️  Medium voltage and Low voltage transformation and distribution cabins
✔️  Cooling Tower and cooling circuit
✔️  Vaporizer and bottle filling station
✔️  Control panel
✔️  All interconnecting piping and cablings

Supply of all services:
✔️  Project management
✔️  On-site supervision to all activities from installation to SAT and personnel training

As you can see, everything you need and will.

If you want to explore an alternative and more customized approach to your cryogenic project, don’t hesitate to contact us and come visit our premises.