Nitrogen Generator Plant for Nigeria Bonny Island LNG Project.

In the last weeks of 2022, Sinergia S.p.A. delivers what it had performantly planned at the beginning of the year!
In this case, one large Nitrogen Production Plant based on membranes technology.

This Nitrogen Generator will provide almost 3000 Nm³/h with

✔️ Easy access to maintenance
✔️ Reliability
✔️ Flexibility and modularity.
✔️ Long lifetime, thanks to the choice of material, surface treatment and pre-filtration of the feeding air.

Faithful to maximum customization, this order was designed, built and tested all in-house to activate our nitrogen generators even in critical climatic conditions.

Thanks to this atypical approach, we have been able to respect the very challenging delivery, following all the customer requirements, including SHELL DEP specifications.