Life Cycle Assessment

Attention and respect to the environment are key concepts for a sustainable future.

Attention and respect to the environment are key concepts for a sustainable future.
Following this path, Sinergia has decided to include among its certifications also the ISO 14001, a milestone for the environmental management systems.
Among the various requirements of ISO 14001, the company has the task of assessing the life cycle of its products identifying which are the phases and processes with heavier impact on the environment, with the aim to optimize or limit them as much as possible.
We have therefore decided to ask the University of Bergamo to run an LCA analysis on our main products (compressor, dryer and nitrogen generator PSA).


What’s an LCA examination?

LCA stands for Life Cycle Assessment and is a scientific methodology for calculating the environmental impact of a given product throughout all its life cycle. The unit of measurement used are the kilos of equivalent CO2 emitted in the atmosphere: this means that all the flows of materials and energy necessary for the realization, operation and disposal of one product involve some emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. It is possible to evaluate these impacts through conversion coefficients developed and published by entities like Enea (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).

Heatless Dryer

Recently we received the first results from the University: the green passport of one of our heatless dryers.
The Green passport identifies the operating phase of the equipment as the most impacting one of its 20 years-long useful life. This phase includes all the energy and spare materials as well.

Let’s imagine it together.
In its entire life, this heatless dryer will cause an impact equivalent to the emission caused by the consumption of an important amount of gasoline. Our LCA study allows to know this data in advance, allowing the customer to evaluate all the alternatives and the total equivalent consumption of its plant, with focus on sustainability and future.

With the precious help of the Università degli Studi di Bergamo, we focused on #LCA studies, developing dedicated software. Sinergia can apply this calculator to our air compressors, air dryers, and nitrogen generators in order to issue, upon request, their Green Passport.

Sinergia is ready to support You in the choice of our products, taking care of productivity, efficiency, and sustainability as well.