Multiple utilities generation skid

Is it possible to produce with one single plant a variety of different gaseous streams?

Maybe it’s not possible to all, but yes, it is for Sinergia!
Our customer, an international leader Company in chlorine plant engineering, was asking for this project:

Overall Compression 3700 10 barg  
Plant Air 870 Nm³/h 5-9 barg 1.4.1 ISO 8573-1
Instrument Air 750 Nm³/h 4,5-9 barg 1.2.1 ISO 8573-1
Gaseous Nitrogen 380 Nm³/h 8  barg =99.5%
Gaseous Nitrogen 150 Nm³/h 12 barg =99.5%
Gaseous Nitrogen 20 Nm³/h 6 barg >99,99%

The installation in Saudi Arabia, near the sea, in saline and dusty environment with ambient design temperature of +55°C was the further challenge.
Sinergia convinced technically the customer to consider an integrated system able to produce all those utilities to be used for different scopes in customer’s process, instead of multiple systems.



The offered system was composed of:

  • Nr. 4 Air compressors suitable for operation at +55°C.
  • Air pre-treatment inclusive of filters, carbon tower, heatless dryers.
  • Nr. 2 PSA nitrogen generators for 99,5% purity with backflow receiver.
  • Nr. 1 nitrogen booster.
  • Nr. 1 PSA generator for high purity 99,99% nitrogen.
  • Interconnecting piping.
  • Master control panel.

The scope of supply considered detailed engineering inclusive of interconnecting piping and supporting structures for the building, 3D modeling and preparation of file for SASO certification, factory acceptance test and packing.