Winning companies

Sinergia stood up as one of the five finalists of Regione Lombardia for the industry and services segment.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s “Winning Companies” contest, rewards the excellent behaviour of those companies in the national economic fabric that contribute more to the growth of Italian GDP, following a sustainable growth and development path.

Imprese Vincenti Sinergia

To select the Winning Companies, worth of this recognition, Intesa Sanpaolo together with third-party bodies, looks for specific criteria and cross-checks parameters such as the following:

  • Economic solidity
  • Constant growth, at least for three consecutive years
  • Constant increase in employees’ number
  • Profitability index

The Winning Companies are those able to create or to follow a competitive business model in Italy and abroad, becoming an excellence of our beloved Made in Italy.


Some of them have registered an internationally recognized patent, other have created a well-known brand, while others look for the highest quality level they can reach in their products and services.
Yes, but how? These companies are those able to aim on a set of strategies, based on innovation, internationalization and valorisation of the competences and the talents of their human capital.
All these aspects are key points in the rating evaluation questionnaire developed by Intesa San Paolo and provided to the 1800 Italian companies taking part to the contest.
Other considered criterium are process innovation level, quality certifications, human resources training and learning programs, corporate welfare and investments in environmental sustainability.
A company that cares about all these aspects, is a company that looks to the future and that can adapt itself to new scenarios, with a business model flexible and sustainable over time.

Well, Sinergia has taken part to Intesa San Paolo program and was selected.
Among the 1800 and more Italian companies, Sinergia stood up as one of the five finalists of Regione Lombardia for the industry and services segment.
Of course, this makes us very proud. Because yes, quality and made in Italy are in our DNA.