Are the companies ready for young people?

We believe that territorial identity, readiness and innovation are in our DNA.

It is not always true that young people are unable to adapt themselves for job opportunities, for a lack of adequate qualifications or for a remuneration too far from their expectation.
Most of the times, the job opportunities are not aligned with their effective job qualifications and abilities. But, are really the young and fresh people the problem? We don’t think so.
Most of the times, companies and their organisation are not technologically up-to-date with the qualifications and technological level of new generation potential employees.

Sinergia Young People

As Sinergia, we took part to a meeting on this very interesting and challenging theme with other companies and realities of the Upper Seriana-Valley, like Comelit.
Here-under, one of the most focused and worthy intervention of the evening, from the speech made by the illustrious Rector of the University of Bergamo Remo Morzenti Pellegrini:

«Our Land is full of vitality and will, and is capable of being innovative. And it has proven to deserve trust in the actions is taking forward very proudly. This is an investment in what is today a territorial priceless resource ».

A very positive judgement that Morzenti Pellegrini underlines through three clear keywords.

«Our companies have a certain territorial identity, an important link which does not slow down their readiness to adapt to the society and markets changes and evolution. And they do so, by believing and investing on innovation, pushing on new and advanced products and production processes as demonstrated by their recent history.
And this is why the University of Bergamo is planning new formation programs, based on the cooperation and the synergy with the Companies of our territory. We need to work together, side by side, to become competitive as a territory system».

With proud, we found ourselves in these three keywords, and as SINERGIA, we believe that territorial identity, readiness and innovation are in our DNA.