Oil & Gas Petrochemical

Extreme conditions ask for our advanced technical solutions

Compressed air and nitrogen:
two essential utilities

Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical are the widest and most challenging fields of expertise where Sinergia has tested and perfected its engineering and manufacturing skills. Our systems, having as scope the production of so-called “utilities” such as instrument air and nitrogen, have found their extensive installation in upstream, midstream and downstream phases of hydrocarbons extraction as well as in their transformation processes.

As these activities are mainly carried out in the most extreme ambient conditions worldwide, both onshore and offshore, it is our client request that foster our engineers to solve complex technical scenarios.
Compressed air and nitrogen, produced at specific pressure, dew point, temperature and concentration, are widely used in many different applications.

Onshore & offshore:
unlimited applications

Coil tubing and under-balance drilling are two typical upstream applications in well services.

The use of compressed air or preferably nitrogen for safety reasons, both in water or dry drilling activities, aims to ease oil lifting, well unclogging and liquid column lightening. Because of its inert properties, nitrogen is extensively used in buffering gas turbine and compressors seals and bearings, and in blanketing of storage vessels, control panels etc.

Moreover, the use of high pressure nitrogen is typical to activate BOP systems, thus preventing blow outs, explosions, crude oil spilling, or natural gas release.

On offshore platforms nitrogen is also used on flare towers, preventing accidental combustions during maintenance and emergency shutdown.

Both air and preferably nitrogen in hazardous classified areas, can be used for the pressurization of heave compensation systems on platform, feeding hoists starting motors.

The use of very dry compressed air on offshore installation, ensure the lifetime extension of many automatic systems. Highly pressurized air or nitrogen, stored in suitable vessels or bottles become a flexible stock for emergency use such as BOP closer, pipe and equipment blanketing during maintenance activity.

Lastly, during oil and gas pipelines assembly and maintenance activities, a large amount of nitrogen is usually boosted at high pressure for leak test and commissioning.


Integrated system for production of plant, instrument air & nitrogen at two different pressures.
Installed in the desertic area.

At any latitude the most reliable technical solution