It's everything but just a containerized nitrogen generator

It’s the answer to a question. Can we make artificial lifting safer, flexible, maintenance-free, reliable, cost-effective and more sustainable?

Years of partnership with NRG MED , analysis, studies, tests and data collection on depleted wells gave us the solution.

The continuity in the supply of entire plants dedicated to a particular new application gives the project team something to be enthusiastic about.

Two new turn-key containerized systems for on-site high-pressure nitrogen generation, thoroughly engineered and optimized for the injection into depleted wells, are on their way to a new Oil Company, a meaningful player in the upstream oil industry in South Italy.

We could discuss how the system is composed, but what has been essential are the analysis and the tests on the already installed plant and the possibility to collect data and results (extraordinary results) in cooperation with our partner, caring for all the on-site operations and services!

The first plant gave us precious references to operating with our partner on a very critical application and some inputs to optimize the system: materials, equipment, local and remote control, parameters, and last but not least, efficiency and power consumption.