Another PSA Nitrogen Generator for the fertilizer industry

Why do customers keep choosing Sinergia Nitrogen PSA Generators?


Knowing Customer and application

When we engineer, manufacture, and supply the same product to the same Company, and for the same application, it is for us something to be proud of.

It means that Sinergia PSA nitrogen generator is satisfying the client. And the market.

In this case the client is one of the main Italian EPC, Tecnimont, and the market is the fertilizer industry, still in expansion, due to growing world population and to changing in dietary preferences.

But each plant engineered and manufactured in Sinergia is different from the previous one.
Our team works on customer requests, to comply to every particular or common specification.

Case Study

Tecnimont: This PSA generator will find its home in Turkey.

In fact, Tecnimont is working for the construction of a new urea and UAN (Urea and Ammonium Nitrate Solution), for GEMLİK GÜBRE SANAYİİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ.

The new plant will produce 1640 tons/day of granulated urea and 500 tons/day of UAN.

Sinergia: This PSA generator can produce and to deliver a constant flow of 260 Nm3/h of nitrogen with a purity of minimum 99,5 %, meaning maximum 5000 ppm of residual oxygen.

The purity and the efficiency of the process, with a very low Air/nitrogen ratio around 3, is granted by the presence of 6 m3 instrument air and back-flow buffer tanks. Moreover, Sinergia has applied its know-ledge and experience and has provided this plant with an improved technology of monitoring and control with differential pressure type flow-meters, on the inlet and the outlet, a pneumatic system to immediately sense the settlement of the activated carbon molecules, together with a galvanic fuel cell type oxygen analyzer and a flow-control valve.

The package is endowed with pre-filters and after-filters, in 2 x 100% configuration, as per good engineering practice, to grant a constant production of nitrogen, even during the ordinary maintenance operations.
The filters, as well as the PSA columns are fully designed and manufactured in Sinergia, according to ASME VIII Div.1 code, even if the entire package is CE certified.


Customer satisfaction is at the center of our everyday commitment, and yet this time Sinergia has accomplished to satisfy customer requests during all the phases of the project.
Even in delivery, completing the skid in 8 months, which for an engineered and fully customized package, including documentation and tests, is not that bad!

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