Sinergia sustainable process

How has Sinergia implemented a sustaibable process?

Sinergia has adopted since 2017 a “sustainable business model”, targeting numbers of actions that have involved all Company departments, as shown in the slides below.

  • PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT: with suppliers selection and management, based on their sustainable approach and ESG evaluation criteria.
  • TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: by improving, in designing our products, the presence of recyclable materials.
  • SERVICE DEPARTMENT: by extending, the lifetime of consumables, in order to reduce wastes originated by maintenance activities.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE DEPARTMENT: all new investments on assets and productive equipment have been chosen considering their contribution to power consumption reduction or self-production.
  • R&D DEPARTMENT: has developed, in partnership with the University of Bergamo, a software tool able to determine the Life Cycle Assesment of our main products.
  • COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT: has capability to identify and advise customer about the most efficient process among different technical solutions.

Never stopping to promote reduction of ambient contamination due to heavy land transports, Sinergia has developed a wide range of containerized solutions for ON SITE generation of technical gases.

Do you want to find out why Sinergia has been listed for Two consecutive years in the 100 most sustainable Italian Companies list?