Diving into Sinergia Sustainability – What have we improved from 2017 thanks to LCA?

Choose who makes the best choices, and you’ll do the right thing

Searching for sustainability is not a sterile activity. Seriously pursued, the positive effect of every choice our organizations make in such direction can be significant.
Today we want to bring you deeper into this issue, showing how practically through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of our products we can measure the improving impact toward decarbonization.

LCA - Heatless Dryer (6201)

Sinergia has always been sensitive to ambient safeguard, as declared in our Company Policy.
Being established in a green valley, it couldn’t be in a different way. Since 2017 in partnership with University of Bergamo, Sinergia developed a specific tool based on an algorithm and a database, able to express in a number the impact in terms of Coequivalent emission of our products during their lifetime.

Sinergia LCA

The two tables refers to the LCA evaluation (limited to construction process) of the same Air Dryer manufactured in 2017 and again in 2021.
The improvement in values is impressive, but what happened in three years?

✔️     Sinergia invested in a solar power system that let its power consumption for all manufacturing processes to be 100 % green.

✔️     Sinergia stopped the use of diesel power generators to feed air compressor to test the subject air dryer.

The data coming from these choices became input for the LCA evaluation. To Sinergia this is a starting point
of improvement, which all our departments are committed to.