Keep quiet and let our compressors speak

We can finally say that our compressors are silent.

To everyone satisfaction, we can finally say that our compressors are silent. Better, we can let them speak. In some previous projects we had some difficulties with noise coming from our machines in operations.

Today, we have become very confident in every international technical standard regarding noise standard and we have analysed every aspect of it:

  • Background noise
  • Open-field noise
  • Environmental reverberation
  • Instrument calibration
  • Tolerances.

We had gone crazy to satisfy customer request in every different real situation.

Finally, we have mastered the issue, and we can let our compressors speak. From previous projects to the last one, we reduced the noise from 95 decibels with one single compressor down to 83 decibels with two compressors running simultaneously! The scale of the decibels noise is logarithmic, so we have reduced the previous absolute value of at least 5 times. The line silencers, the isolation and the anti-vibration supports have done their job perfectly. As we did, from designing to assembling.

Together, we achieved the goal of keep quiet and let our compressors speak. Through to the ISO 14000 environmental certification and the “green” mentality of all our operators, we won’t stop improving and we keep moving in this direction, of a quieter and better future.

7074 Oil Flooded Screw Compressor