“Resilience and Innovation” award

“Il Corriere della Sera- L’Economia” has organized a road-show along Italy, to discover inspiring stories of the Italian entrepreneurship excellence.

The award, in cooperation with Bper bank, was named “Resilience and Innovation. The Lombardia model”.
Therefore, its conclusion couldn’t have been in any other place than Bergamo, so deeply hurt in Covid period.
We have been really pleased to be invited and rewarded among the three excellences of our territory. Sinergia has been selected to represent the spirit of resilience that is leading the industries of Bergamo and province out of these difficult times.
In the beautiful “Palazzo del Podestà”, on the 15th of November, Norma Scandella, Sinergia owner, was on the stage together with the representatives of Bianchi, the historical and iconic cycling brand and of Acerbis, leading company in technical clothing and accessories for sport.

Premio Resilenza e Innovazione

The pandemic, as we all know, hit very hard Italy and its entire economy. But our industrial organization bent without breaking, thanks to the spirit of resilience and the ability in transforming difficulties into opportunities, through adaptation, flexibility, and innovation.
Il Corriere della Sera and Bper, in their search, decided to hear it directly from the managers that carried out, in practice, within their Companies these important concepts.
These are the words of Luca Gotti, Bper Lombardia Ovest Director, during the award ceremony:

“This prize goes to the entire productive system of Bergamo province. We have selected Sinergia S.p.A., F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi Spa and Acerbis S.p.A., not only because they truly represent resilience and innovation, but also for their work culture, and for their ability to create and propose to the international market products of excellence. Even in difficult times. Their beautiful stories of family and hard work can inspire all of us.”

We are absolutely proud to belong to this model of excellence.
To hear the words of Norma, watch the video of the evening (from 1:36:00, you’ll find our interview), on the link below:

Watch the video: Resilience and Innovation

Article: https:/www.bergamonews.it/2021/11/18/il-premio-resilienza-e-innovazione-di-bper-banca-a-tre-pmi-bergamasche/477349/