Sinergia contribution to Sriracha Refinery clean fuel project

Four large efficent air dryers for Sriracha Refinery clean fuel project

Perfectly knowing the different types of dryer
There are various types of air-dryer. The main feature characterizing each family is the regeneration method.
Regeneration of the saturated bed in one column, while the clean bed in its twin column is in adsorbing mode, can be done using a portion of the already dried air (purge), cold or heated, through hot air directly coming from last stage of compressor, or by atmospheric air sucked up by a blower and then heated up.

Selecting the right size of dryer
How can you decide?
The choice depends on many factors, such as dew-point requirement, flowrate, and energetic efficiency.
If the customer has any doubt about this important choice, we can analyse his case and provide him the optimum solution.


Knowing and caring of Customer applications
Utilities are used in various industrial processes, and knowing their different applications allows Sinergia to be the best partner for EPC contractors and End-users in every step of their project, from feed phase to after-sale on-site support.

Four huge dryers have been engineered and manufactured for Thai Oil Sriracha refinery.
Sriracha refinery is currently the main refinery in Thailand, and it is undergoing an important transformation, named Clean Fuel Project (CFP), with the target of increasing processing capacity and its environmental performance, improving product yields and process efficiency. This, thanks to the installation of one new crude distillation unit, a vacuum gas oil hydrocracker, a residue hydrocracker, a hydrogen manufacturing unit, a naphtha hydrotreater, a diesel hydrodesulfurization unit, a sulphur recovery unit, and an electric power plant fuelled by residue pitch.


In this project, the right dryer was a heat regenerated, open-loop dryer.
With 7.000 Nm3/h air to dry to a dew point below 0°C @ 7 barg, keeping the purge consumption at a minimum, heat regenerated dryer is a must.
The regeneration of Sinergia heat regenerated dryers with blower, uses air coming from the atmosphere, leaving almost the entire dried air capacity to customer.
The maximum purge consumption is in fact only of 7% of the total flow and it lasts just 1 hour on the 8 hours overall regeneration cycle, during the stripping phase.
For 4 hours and half, in charge of the regeneration are the 2680 Nm3/h @ 0,175 barg of air coming from the 55 kW centrifugal fan blower installed at the feet of the columns, on the common carbon-steel baseplate.
For an efficient regeneration of the adsorbing material, through evaporation of captured water, the regeneration air stream is heated up to 175 °C by a 150 kW three stages electrical heater.
The regeneration cycle is then completed by less than one hour cooling, with cold ambient air.
For this project, a water-cooled shell & tube heat exchanger has been designed to provide the instrument air at a maximum of +45°C.
All these properly sized, selected, and manufactured equipment are installed on a skid, 7000 mm x 3000 mm, endowed with all the necessary ladders, platforms, and walk-ways for an easy maintenance of each item, from instruments to valves, from filters to silencers, from junction boxes to control panels.

Applying demanding specifications
Beside our expertise and know-how, another important added value of our engineering and manufacturing department is the ability to apply demanding specifications. For instance, in this project, shell deps were involved.

Welcoming modifications during production phase
Through the constant dialogue with a dedicated Project Manager and the constant support of a dedicated engineering team, guided by a project engineer, Sinergia can welcome any modification even during the project execution phase. This is eased by the fact that engineering and manufacturing of all the main items are done internally. In this project, the flowrate has been significantly increased, bringing to re-size the columns, the filters and all the supporting structures and secondary items.

To satisfy the customer and to strengthen relationships.
This project highlights the strengthen of a relation with an EPC contractor, Petrofac, that keeps renewing the trust in our Company, after many projects together. Indirectly this can be said also for the end user Thai Oil, not being our first job delivered to their plants and facilities.

To grow world-wide.
Every Country has its own regulations, its ambient conditions, and its own peculiarities.
This is the third time in the very last years for Sinergia to deliver plants in Thailand.

We love to send our products world-wide and having a certain continuity allows to be ready to satisfy every Customer, from every corner of our beautiful world.