The future has never been closer

The beginning of 2023 makes us even more confident about what lies ahead.

Thanks to our long-standing competencies, the very New Year dawn sees us involved in these three new projects:

  • 2 Instrument Air Packages (Air Compressor & Heatless Dryer) for the fertilizer industry in Qatar.
  • 1 Instrument Air Package (3 Compressor & 3 Dryer) for an LNG Terminal in Taiwan.
  • 1 large Instrument Air Dryer (Heat regenerated Dryer), able to dry almost 4.000 Nm3/h for a significant Petrochemical Plant in the South of Italy.

What prompted these customers to choose Sinergia S.p.A.?
Our all-in-house approach (including engineering, production, quality control and after-market service) contributed.

These new jobs make us ready to confirm one more time our Know-how and our eagerness to improve ourselves in new projects and challenges involving the products of the “future”, from hydrogen to CO2 treatment and requalification